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What is an LPA?

An LPA is a legal document which you can draw up to appoint a friend or relative to look after your affairs in the event of you losing the ability to make decisions for yourself.  Separate LPAs can be drawn up in respect of your financial affairs or in respect of decisions relating to your health and care.

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Why you need an LPA

If, through illness or accident, you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself, in the absence of having an LPA decisions relating to your health or financial affairs will be taken over by the Court of Protection.  This can involve considerable time, stress and cost for your nearest and dearest,  and can often lead to decisions which are at odds with those you might have otherwise made for yourself.

How the Process Works

Complete our easy online Questionnaire

Details & Pay

Your LPA is checked by our experts.

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For full details on how the process works please read here.

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Why Choose Us

Here at the LPA Advice Company, we understand how difficult it can be to think about your future needs, but also how important it is to have a plan in place to ensure that your financial and health affairs are properly looked after if and when the times comes that you are unable to do so by yourself.


We make creating your tailored LPA extremely straightforward -  as we do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is consider your answers to the simple questions in the ‘Get Started’ section found at the top of our website, filling in the key details once you are ready to do so.  You can take as little or as much time as you require, as the information is automatically saved should you wish to come back to it later on.


Our expert service is provided at a fraction of the cost of a high street solicitor. There are no hidden extras, just a one off fixed fee.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer the following services included in this fee as standard:


  • Our dedicated advisors are all experienced legal professionals who are on hand to explain the legal issues involved in plain English and assist you in understanding the process involved in making what are often very difficult decisions;


  • We will draft your LPA for you and provide you with a completely tailored service and full support until you are happy with the products we have sent you.


  • Once you are happy with your personally tailored LPA, we will provide you with free step by step guidance to enable you to more easily navigate the complex registration process to ensure no points are missed and avoid the usual pitfalls which typically result in the Office of the Pubic Guardian (OPG) rejecting an LPA at the last stage.


  • Although there are a wide range of companies offering to draft your LPA for you, with free services also available, many LPAs fail to be accepted by the OPG due to poorly worded instructions and preferences. A poorly drafted LPA can also be easily challenged by disgruntled family members.  Equally, the choice of Attorney can result in legal disputes, years later. We will  ensure that any specific instructions and preferences given to your Attorney(s) are acceptable and compliant with the law.    NB: Many companies charge an additional fee for this ‘checking service’, but here at the LPA Advice Company, the checking service is included in our fixed fee.


Please note that this offer is only valid for England and Wales.  There is a different process in Scotland and Northern Ireland.



The LPA Advice Company made the process of completing both of my LPA’s simple and straight forward. More importantly, they saved me several hundred pounds in comparison to the quotes I received from my Solicitor. A huge thumbs up from me!

Angela, 75, Lancashire

Well worth the piece of mind to ensure the complicated LPA forms were completed quickly and without error. Recommended to all of my friends.

Max, 70, West Midlands

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