How the Process Works

Creating your tailored LPA

Creating your tailored LPA is straightforward as we do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is consider your answers to the simple questions in the ‘Get Started’ section found at the top of this page before filling in the key details required, once you are ready to do so. You can take as little or as much time as you require in completing this section, as the information is automatically saved should you wish to come back to it later on.


Should you have any queries you can email us here and one of our expert advisors, who are all legally trained, will be happy to assist.


Your information is entirely confidential. No-one else can view your responses to the questions raised and we never share your information with any other companies.


Once you are happy with your responses, we will draft your LPA for you, ensuring that the specific requests you have set out comply with the requirements of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), to avoid the many pitfalls which can besiege the registration process in due course.


We will e-mail your tailored LPA for you as a PDF attachment for you to print, or for a small charge, we will send you a hard copy in the post.

What happens once I receive my tailored LPA?

Firstly, carefully check the LPA to ensure that all details are correct and you are happy with the content. The OPG will not register a document which contains errors or matters which do not comply with the law in this area. We will highlight any areas which we consider need to be reviewed or amended by you.


You will then need to sign your LPA in the presence of a witness.


You will also need someone to certify (confirm in writing on the document) that you are making the LPA with your own free will and that you understand the importance of this document. The person certifying the LPA is called a Certificate Provider. They can be a professional such as GP or Solicitor, or anyone who has known you for minimum 2 years. It is important to note that a professional might charge you for certifying your LPA. You should ask about their fees beforehand accordingly.


Your Attorney(s) will also need to sign the LPA and have their signature(s) witnessed. The signed LPA should then be kept in a safe place until it is ready to be registered, which may be many years later. As such, we would recommend that a certified copy of the LPA be made and given to your Attorney(s) to hold on to.

When do I register my LPA?

Your LPA can only take effect once registered. An Attorney cannot act on your behalf until the registration process is complete. This process usually takes between 2 – 3 months, so it is advisable to prepare your LPA as soon as possible. It can always be registered at a later date.


Many people choose to register their LPAs straight away however, to avoid any delays in due course. This can be important for arranging payment of any immediate expenses such as care home fees. Equally, it can be reassuring to know that the form is valid: if the OPG rejects your LPA, mistakes cannot be rectified if you have by that time lost the capacity to do so, and your family will have to apply to the Court of Protection to arrange and manage your affairs, which will be costly, stressful, and time consuming. It is therefore recommended that you register your LPA as soon as possible.


Once registered, the health and care decisions LPA cannot be used until you lose mental capacity.


You do not, however, need to lack mental capacity for the financial decisions LPA to be carried out on your behalf. This can take effect, should you authorise it, as soon as it has been registered. This is useful if you are finding it difficult to get out and about. Your Attorney(s) must, however, allow you to make decisions yourself whilst you have the mental capacity to do so.


The registration process can be carried out by your Attorney if you are unable to make your own decisions. You will be told if they do so, which allows you to object to the registration should you wish. The objection form is available free and online from the OPG.

How do I register my LPA?

To register, you or your Attorney simply sends your signed and certified LPA via post to the OPG. A registration fee for each LPA is payable to the OPG of £110 unless you are entitled to a reduction or exemption. The OPG website provides further information about its fees.

Once registered, can I end or change my LPA?

Yes. You can end or change your LPA even after it has been registered, as long as you still have mental capacity.

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